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No stigma for mental illness!

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Elyn Saks

A professor with schizophrenia

Elyn Saks has chronic schizophrenia, and she is a professor of law, psychology and psychiatry at USC. She might have spent her life in the back ward of a hospital, but that’s not what happened.

She starts by telling of the time when Dr. White, her doctor after she graduated from law school, was getting ready to leave his practice. The idea of losing his care hit her hard, and she had a break. A good friend came to help, and reading from her journal, she says, “I opened the door to my studio apartment. Steve would later tell me that all the times he had seen me psychotic, nothing would prepare him for what he saw that day.” She describes a crumbling world, with voices saying: “Tell the clocks to stop. Time is. Time has come.”

She’s here to tell us her story. This is, she hastens to add…

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  1. Mental illness is the next great prejudice to be tackled. Elyn’s account of being tackled and thrown onto a table when she was not a danger to others shows the immense fear that people have toward the mentally ill. Continuing education within the populace on what different types of mental illness are, exemplified by Elyn Saks’ talks, will hopefully help this cause. But the word needs to go out regularly.

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