The Journey Begins…Sidetracked by an Unwelcome Foe

In integrity on January 18, 2012 at 12:47 pm

The start of the college academic semester is a time for new beginnings and excitement. New courses. New students. The euphoria that comes from efforts to facilitate learning for a new group of students. And unfortunately, the reality sets in again that not every student is in the course to learn. Many students are in the course because it is mandatory and to get a grade; regardless of whether they’ve learned anything.

In his article, Cheating is Hard Work , Isaac Sweeney reminds me that cheating and plagiarism are still alive and well in academia. His article confirms my own past and recent experience: two students in my Executive MBA class this winter cheated on a quiz. Frustrating, but not surprising.

Despite those instances, I still look forward to the new semester!Flower in Florida


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