Innovation in Education….Maybe

In innovation in teaching on September 1, 2010 at 4:54 pm

The fall semester has begun in earnest and I am teaching 3 different classes plus working with TILT, our faculty development center that focuses on the technology side. I am, in essence, wearing 2 hats-a faculty hat and a quasi-administrative cap.

One of the more frustrating aspects of wearing quasi-administrative gear is the inertia present in large organizations. As I assist with various initiatives, I see where faculty and administrators can sometimes become entrenched in their particular viewpoints. It is apparent that change is not easy. And it is also apparent that it is easier to complain than to work on solving problems.

So why is it that intelligent people (faculty, staff and administrators) have a difficult time accepting change? Is it that all of us are selfish? Is it that when I take what I think is a learner-focused view that I am acting selfishly? Is that selfishness based on my need to feel that I am helping to accomplish a goal? And thus, am I so selfish that I cannot see that there are other legitimate viewpoints that can be equally compelling?

I struggle with the idea that because we’ve always done something a certain way that it must continue to be done in that way. I also struggle with the idea that if there’s something wrong, we should merely fiddle with the something wrong instead of doing something more innovative. Maybe I’m convinced, right or wrong, that our learning environment needs major change and something is better than nothing. Or maybe I just engage in action just to move even though it doesn’t accomplish anything. More later……


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